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CDL: Greens push at local and federal level for a refundable deposit on containers. 26th July 2013

Support for CDL (Container Deposit Legislation) has broad community support.

CDL (Container Deposit Legislation) has broad community support.

Randwick City Council will use its website social media buttons to actively lobby the NSW State and Federal Governments to bring in a national Container Deposit Scheme.

The decision comes ahead of the expected consideration by state and federal environment ministers of a final report into how such a scheme could be structured.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson who put the suggestion to last night’s Council, said today,

Debate on a national container deposit scheme based on legislation should surely be a federal election issue given the positive response every year to Clean Up Australia day events across the nation. It astounds me that neither the Prime Minister nor the leader of the opposition have twigged that the general community wants them to take an assertive stance against the packaging industries rubbishing of our environment.”

James Macdonald, the Greens candidate for Kingsford Smith has challenged the Labor and Liberal parties to make Container Deposit Legislation (CDL) an immediate priority. He said,

Federal legislation is a good first step to address the nationwide issue of packaging waste. South Australia’s scheme has achieved recycle rates of 84% on consumed drink containers, and there’s no reason we can’t have a similarly effective, nationwide program. The packaging industry has shown too much inertia for this issue to be left to market forces. If both major parties were serious about addressing waste, CDL would be an immediate priority. I call on them to clarify their positions on the issue.”




25th July 2013: Randwick Council response to new Sydney Airport Masterplan 2033

Randwick City Council will investigate the ramifications resulting from any changes to the ANEF (noise) contour map proposed under the draft Sydney airport master plan.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson initiated the assessment via a motion to last Tuesday night’s council meeting.

He drew attention to a possible noise increase for Coogee residents. He said this week,

“The draft Masterplan claims that modern jet planes are now much quieter than previous versions, which is reassuring. But a member of the community has drawn my attention to a noise contour map in one section of the plan that suggests that the number of high noise events over Coogee will actually increase over the 2011 figures.”

A figure in the draft plan appears to indicate that there will be be an expansion further eastwards into Coogee of a particular contour line. He elaborated,

“I understand that a noise reading of 70 decibels is the level which interferes with phone conversations and TV watching. This stress line is represented on the map as an ‘N70’ contour line. This contour line seems to expand further east over Coogee than what is indicated for 2011.”

Councillor Matson believes that the draft plan is indicating that occasions in which residents experience high noise levels could more than double by 2033. He said,

“There were ten to twenty incidents per day greater than 70db in 2011 with twenty to fifty expected in 2033. This predicted increase in stress worries me enough to want the Council to get the full facts of what Coogee residents can actually expect from aircraft noise in 2033.”


(Source figure Figure 14.11 Master Plan Section 14 – noise management.

Please note that 2011 year N70 contour lines are indicated on figure 14.11 as thick black lines. Where as the 2033 contours are indicated by belts of color shading. This can make comparing the years a little puzzling until you understand it.