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Randwick Council Greens Oppose shared-use bridge over Anzac Parade – 26th May 2014

UP DATE 28th May 2014 Last night Randwick City Councillors accepted a Greens amendment that the Council: “Express its opposition to the Government’s proposed shared pedestrian bike bridge over Anzac Parade”.

Randwick City Green Councillors Murray Matson and Lindsay Shurey have called for a halt to Government plans for a contentious bike and pedestrian bridge across Anzac Parade at Moore Park.

The “Tibby Cotter Walkway” is being promoted as a shared-use bridge for bike riders and pedestrains but cycling groups are against it.

Councillor Matson said that the Green Councillors  did not see how the present design would actually help bike riders or pedestrians cross Anzac Parade at that point.

He said,

“It appears that the shared-use bridge will not connect to the popular bike path on Anzac Parade thus forcing pedestrian and cyclists to cross a busy bus-way to make any use of it.”

Councillor Shurey commented,

“The Greens support a pedestrian and bike tunnel alongside the section of the light rail tunnel that will cross Anzac Parade but not this puzzling elevated bridge idea.”

Keeping the Carbon Tax and the Mining Tax would save cuts to NSW hospitals and schools – 23rd May 2014

23 May 2014

Letter to the Editor
The Southern Courier

Dear Editor

Tony Abbott and Joe Hockey are forcing the States to accept an $80 billion cut in Commonwealth funding over the next decade.  But it’s all about ideology rather than actual need.

These savings aren’t needed because the carbon tax (based on last year’s figures) could raise the Commonwealth up to $66 billion over the same time period  if the PM did not remove it. And the much disparaged mining tax could bring in another $11 billion if also kept.

But for ideological reasons Abbott and Hockey will spurn these funding sources in favour of clawing the money out of the states instead.

Funding cuts to POW and our local schools will fund Tony Abbott’s stubborn march towards small government, unaccountable mining and climate change denial.

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson

Local group position on the federal 2014 budget – 18th May 2014

The Randwick-Botany Greens have come to the two following resolutions in response to the 2014 federal budget propositions

“That the Randwick-Botany Greens strongly condemn the outrageous cuts in education, health, foreign aid, pensions and support for lower income earners put forward in the Tony Abbott budget of 2014.”

“That the Randwick-Botany reaffirms its support for progressive taxation and considers that the debt levy to be consistent with Greens policy.”



More garden beds go down at the Coogee Community Garden today – 18th May 2014

New beds at Coogee Community Garden 18-5-14Community enthusiasm is maintaining progress at the Coogee Community Garden with a second batch of new prefabricated garden beds being installed on Sunday the 18th May. East Ward Greens Councillor Murray Matson attended the workshop and took images of what is clearly becoming by now a skilled construction system.

Councillor Matson has long supported the project through its development stage in which a development application had to be submitted by the community organisers through to when he successfully moved a for a Randwick City Council grant last year.

Step 1 read the instructions

Step one read any available instructions.

Let someone who knows what they are doing screw it together with a cordless drill

Let the actual builder of the prefabricated beds screw them together with a cordless drill.

Make sure its level so all the adjacent beds look neat

Make sure its level so all the adjacent beds look neat.

Put down a layer of cardboard covered by a layer of hessian bag

Put down a layer of cardboard covered by a layer of hessian bag.

Cover the hessian and cardboard with a layer of aggregate

Pour in a layer of aggregate.

Pour in the humas with a 10cm layer of garden mix on the top

Finish with the humas layer with a 10cm layer of garden mix on the top

The finished product after a month or two

The finished product after a month or two.



Infrastructure Minister Jamie Briggs doubts that unemployment benefits reduce the risk of crime – 16th May 2014

Jamie Briggs

Minister Briggs

Today Greens Randwick Councillor Murray Matson asked the infrastructure Minister Jamie Briggs the following question in an online Telegraph site chat session concerning the 2014 budget impacts.

Lawyer Greg Barns on The Drum reports that the UK experience has seen senior UK police officers linking spikes in petty crime to welfare cuts. Has the Australian Government figured in the social cost that will predictably flow from the proposed delayed access to unemployment benefits?”

The Minster’s answer indicated that he saw no link between lack of income and crime.

“The suggestion that unemployment benefits reduce the risk of crime is a little hard to follow. In any event we are putting in place an earn or learn system where people will get access to support if they have a go.”

Councillor Matson said that he commended the Minister’s preparedness to participate in the broad ranging chat session with members of the public.

JRPP approves contentious Inglis/Newmarket rezoning proposal after Previous Minister bypasses Randwick Council opposition – 9th May 2014

Last Wednesday the JRPP (Joint Regional Planning Panel) approved the contentious Inglis/Newmarket rezoning proposal along Barker Street in Randwick to allow potentially more units than what Randwick City Council would accept on the site.

The contention has partly been caused by the previous Planning Minister’s decision to pass the proposal to the JRPP in order to bypass a previous complete refusal to rezone by the Council back in 2011.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson, who is also a JRPP member, opposed the majority decision by the Panel and said afterwards,

“The Government’s referral of the Inglis proposal to the JRPP was a deliberate decision by the previous Minister to bypass a local Council in direct refutation of the Coalition’s election promise to return planning powers back to the community. ”

Councillor Matson stated that he felt that:

“Randwick Council has been bludgeoned by the Government into accommodating this unwanted density increase on a site bordering three schools and a hospital which currently compete to use the already congested Barker, Botany and Avoca Streets.”

Councillor Matson says that his reading of the relevant legislation now means that the new Minister must now exhibit a “draft local environmental plan” (or LEP) for public comment. He elaborated,

“The consultation to date on the Inglis/Newmarke rezoning proposal has been based on very ambiguous information from the proponent. In the end two different options were presented to the JRPP members for consideration. I call on the new Minister to thoroughly commit to the spirit of the full consultation process that should accompany the preparation of any new planning instrument.”

Randwick Council’s objection to the Inglis proposal is long standing with the Greens under Councillor Matson having successfully moved to block the original proposal in December 2011.

That December 2011 meeting had its own contention because of an absence by then Liberal Councillor Bruce Notley-Smith while the other then Liberal Councillors were forced to absent themselves from the vote after declaring conflicts of interest. It was left to the Greens and the Labor party to oppose the rezoning proposal as it was then.

Councillor Matson is one of two community representatives on the 5 member JRPP.