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Update: Randwick Council votes to seek return of un-used lot on Laperouse Chinese Market Gardens site to urban agricultural uses – 25th June 2014

Currently used lots on the Laperouse Chinese Market Gardens site. Un-cultivated lot 3 is in the far, far distance.

The two currently cultivated lots on the Laperouse Chinese Market Gardens site. The un-cultivated lot 3 can just be seen is in the far, far distance behind the corrugated tin shed.

Randwick City Council voted last night (24th June 2014) to support Greens Councillor Murray Matson’s motion that seeks the return of un-used lot 3 to agricultural uses and the the clean up of dumped materials and noxious weeds from the site.

IPCC Climate Change: Can disaster be avoided despite Australia, US and UK opposition to action? Fascinating video on climate change warns of dire consequences but strangely positive – 21st June 2014.

Here is an informative coverage of why climate change is not getting the global response that it should and why.

Commentators on IPCC report say climate change deniers are disproportionately represented in world debate by Australia, UK and USA based sceptics.

Inside Story interviews two well informed scientists following last Sunday’s release of the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report.

Inside Storey Presenter question: Why are climate change deniers so successful?

Bob Ward (London School of Economics): “Climate deniers as you describe them or climate change sceptics are really only a major factor in a minor number of countries, Australia, United States, United Kingdom where you have an alliance of fossil fuel industry interests, private interests and right wing conservative groups who are opposed in principle to any regulation of business…”

Karen Seto (lead IPCC report author): “Yeah Bob is absolutely right on this. I mean we are talking about [climate change sceptics] a very, very small percentage of the population world-wide who are getting a disproportionate amount of air time. The fact that we’re even talking about this now is just another example of their disproportionate amount of air time.”

CBD to South East Light Rail Development Agreement: Greens slam unreasonable lack of co-operation from Transport for NSW – 20th June 2014

Randwick Greens Councillors despite supporting the CBD to South East Light Rail project will not be voting next Tuesday night for the signing of the proposed development agreement because of outstanding issues that require resoluton.

Councillor Murray Matson said that alienation of park land and tree loss issues for the Greens had been compounded this week by a break down in attempts to resolve parking issues with the Government.

He said,

“The local Greens are in dispute with the Government over the number of trees to be lost and the unnecessary degradation of High Cross Park. These standing issues have been compounded by this week’s news that the Government is taking what we see to be a completely unreasonable stance on mitigating the parking issues. The Greens will not be voting for agreeing to the current version of the development agreement for the CSELR project despite our support for light rail.”

The Greens state that 100 to 120 current existing parking spaces along a section of Anzac Parade could be kept open in non peak hours after the rail line is built but that Transport for NSW officials seem uninterested in talking to the Council about it.

Councillor Matson said,

“The Greens understand that 100 to 120 of the current parking spaces could be retained in non-peak hour traffic between Alison Road and Darling Street, Kensington. It would be simple matter for the Minister to intervene and give the Council assurance that these spaces will be kept. There seems no real interest from her department chiefs to consider the idea.”

The Greens are further “outraged” by reports this week that the Government plans to auction off its land on the old Kingsford Market site rather than directly sell or provide it to the Council for parking use.

This news comes as a particular slap in the face to the Greens as they have recently successfully moved on Council that the site be used for a joint venture parking project to protect South Juniors and offset parking losses in Kingsford.

Councillor Matson likened the auction to “developer speculation at the expense of Council”. He said,

“The Greens are outraged that the Government will force Randwick Council to compete at auction against developers for the Kingsford Market site. We have identified to the Government that we are seeking to use the site to offset the parking losses that the CSELR will cause in the Kingsford business centre. It is thus breath takingly exploitive for the Government to seek to maximise its profits at the expense of a Council that is trying to do the right thing by its residents and business.”

Mistreatment of land on the heritage and agricultural land of the Laperouse Chinese Market Garden Site – 20 June 2014

Archival image 2012 – Greens NSW upper house MLC Jeremy Buckingham and former Randwick South Ward Greens candidate James MacDonald inspect a Chinese market garden crop.

The long running struggle by Randwick Greens Councillors to secure the future of the Laperouse Chinese Market Gardens for its traditional agricultural purposes resumes next week.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson will put a motion to Randwick City Councillors in response to complaints from residents that there has been illegal dumping on a currently un-used lot on the site plus a spread of noxious weeds such as bitou bush, castor oil plant and pampas grass.

His motion will read as follows.

That Council:

1. notes with concern, reports from local residents of illegal dumping and noxious weed coverage on the heritage and agricultural land of the Chinese Market Gardens Site, Lot 1079, and investigate the complaints with a report back to Councillors; and

2. calls on the State Government to return Lot 1079, currently under the management of the Botany Cemetery Trust, to market garden use consistent with RU4 Land Use Zoning.

Alarming references by Commonwealth commissioned consulting firm to the “development potential” of Malabar Headland – 13th June 2014

It has been revealed that the “project delivery and strategic consulting firm” Nation Partners is working with the Commonwealth Government on the Malabar Headland site in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney.

Development adverse residents report that up until recently the company’s web site stated that it “has led a strategic assessment of the site’s potential”.

Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey has called on the Commonwealth to clarify whether Nation Partners is being used to explore options for selling sections of the headland for residential development.

She said has been supplied with a screenshot from Nation Partner’s web site that suggests that the Commonwealth has supplied the company with “…an initial Business Case that identified and evaluated development scenarios at Malabar headland…”.

She said,

“The local Greens will be seeking clarification from the Commonwealth via the Council as to exactly what this Business Case directed Nation Partners to explore in terms of the development potential of the Malabar Headland.”

BACKGROUND: Malabar Headland is part of the Commonwealth Government’s non-Defence domestic property portfolio and is managed by the Department of Finance (Finance) which declares itself as owning three lots  – Lot 202 (also identified by other authorities as “Lot 2” of DP1162445 or “the eastern section”), Lot 301 (also identified as “Lot 101” or “the Rifle Range area” or “central portion”) and Lot 302 (a small area bordering Lot 301 and the adjacent Malabar Treatment Works). Lot 102 (ex “Lot 4” or “the western section”), approximately 17 hectares, located on the western side of the headland, has been transferred to the State of NSW and gazetted as a national park. Both Lot 2 and Lot 102 contain endangered Eastern Suburbs Banksia Scrub. Lot 301 contains the rifle range and an estimated 1.5 million cubic metres of landfill. Here is a useful map of some of the various lots on the Malabar Headland site.

Nation Partners Malabar Headland