Monthly Archive: August 2014

Aug 28

URGENT – Botany Cemetery launches surprise land grab on Chinese Market Gardener – 28th August 2014

In a literal “land grab” La Perouse Chinese market gardener Robert Teng has just had some of the valuable soil he grows  in removed from the urban south east Sydney farm site he sub leases. In a move reported to  Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson by one outraged observer as being surely “illegal”, the neigbouring …

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Aug 22

Update on City of Sydney Amendment (Elections) Bill 2014: each NSW business soon may be forced in Council elections to cast two or three votes against the single vote of each resident – 22nd August 2014

The Shooters and Fishers party have introduced a Bill into the NSW State upper house that Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson says “will see the burying of the ‘one person, one vote’ philosophy Australian democracy is based on” Councillor Matson said this week, “This Bill proposes culture changing legislation that could be applied to any …

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Aug 21

Randwick Greens Councillor offers structural solution to Coogee Beach sewage pit odors – 20th August 2014

The offensive odors emitted during the regular cleaning of the Coogee sewage pits by Sydney Water is highly embarrassing to Randwick Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey The North Ward Councillor is putting a motion to next Tuesday night’s Council meeting suggesting solutions to the State Government. One suggestion is that sewage flowing in from suburbs outside …

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Aug 19

Tomorrow night is the Sydney Premier of “2 Degrees” – 19th August 2014

As the world waits in hope for a new dawn on climate change, the video “2 Degrees” reveals the chaotic failure of the UN negotiations in Copenhagen. It becomes chillingly clear that we cannot wait for governments to lead the way. So if commitment to act won’t come from above, perhaps the voices and actions of …

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Aug 19

Were Randwick residents exposed to airborne PCB dust through recent Defence Department wood chipper work over contaminated soil? – August 19 2014

Did the Department of Defence ignore a key Parliamentary safety recommendation when it recently wood chipped trees that are said to be growing over polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) contaminated soil adjacent to Bundock Street Randwick? Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson wants to know the answer. On the 27th of July a resident sent him photographs of …

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Aug 10

CBD to South East Light Rail light rail interchange issue: “Fair Go For Randwick” campaigner suggests re-think of High Street to save High Cross Park – 10 August 2014

Randwick City Greens Councillor Murray Matson is on the Council working group recently set up to try and save High Cross Park by scoping out alternative sites for the planned bus/light rail interchange facility. Attached is a plan using an adjacent section of High Street in Randwick that Randwick CIty Council (RCC) has been trying …

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Aug 06

Possible CSELR light rail interchange alternatives: Mayoral Minute to say NO to acquisition of medical practices – Aug 6 2014

The Greens say compulsory acquisitions of medical premises in High Street and Belmore Road will not happen. Councillor Lindsay Shurey said that the Greens have talked to Randwick Mayor Scott Nash today who has agreed with them that no medical premises should be acquired for an alternative site for the light rail interchange presently intended …

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Aug 04

Fair Go For Randwick: Randwick Council pushes ahead with Greens rescue plan for High Cross Park by offering re-drafted Development Agreement to the Government – 4th August 2014

The Greens rescue plan to save High Cross Park moved on last Tuesday when Randwick Council voted to offer it to the Government as part of a redrafted light rail development agreement. Councillor Lindsay Shurey said that her plan would scope out the best of four possible alternative sites that the contentious light rail interchange …

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