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Randwick-Botany Greens 2015 candidate for Maroubra says to Rockdale Labor Councillors: “Hands off South Ward and Botany!”- 21st November 2014

With forced amalgamations decisions looming in NSW next year, James Cruz wants to know the status of a 2013 proposal by Rockdale Council to take over Randwick Council’s South Ward along with areas of Botany Council.

Mr James Cruz, the Randwick-Botany Greens state election candidate for Maroubra, says the local Greens oppose the “land grab” by Rockdale.

2015 Greens candidate for Marourba James Cruz

Greens candidate for Marourba James Cruz wants to know if Rockdale Labor Councillors are still proposing taking over the Botany and Randwick Council suburbs of Botany, Banksmeadow, La Perouse, Malabar, Phillip Bay, Little Bay, Chifley and Matraville.

He states that,

“I emphatically oppose any such land grab for La Perouse, Malabar, Phillip Bay, Little Bay, Chifley and Matraville by Rockdale’s Labor Mayor. As a member of the Randwick-Botany Greens I also reject Rockdale’s bid for Port Botany and what seems to be the Botany Council suburbs of Botany and Banksmeadow.”

Rockdale’s proposal was made only last year to the Independent Local Government Reform Panel headed by Professor Samson.

“Rockdales alternative mode for consideration by the Panel is a group of Councils surrounding Botany Bay, including all of Port Botany (including the bayside part of Randwick, or south ward) and the airport..” (page 10, Rockdale City Council Response to the Independent Local Government Reform Panel Paper… 27 June 2013)

There is now speculation that Rockdale will return to the idea via the Government’s new ‘Fit For the Future’ Council amalgamation process after the March state election.

Mr Cruz pointed to the long established historical links of South Ward to Randwick Council and said this week,

“Significant episodes in Australia’s past are associated with Randwick’s South Ward. This includes the long relationship between the Council and the indigenous community of the area. The Randwick-Botany Greens say ‘Hands off South Ward and Botany’ to Rockdale Labor!”

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson wants Randwick’s local Labor identities to explain what the current status of their Rockdale colleagues’ “land grab agenda” is. He said,

“Local Labor identities in Randwick claim that they oppose non-voluntary amalgamations despite one of their own in Rockdale putting forward a takeover bid for our South Ward and bits of Botany Council. Our residents have a right to know if Labor is going to continue to pursue this land grab against Randwick after the March State election.”

Councillor Matson is putting a motion to next week’s Council meeting that Randwick rejects “any proposed alienation from the LGA of any of our historical land area or facilities.”


Text of Councillor Matson’s motion to Randwick Council:

“That Randwick City Council further articulates its current resolved position on the State Government’s Fit For the Future process by augmenting it with a rejection of any proposed alienation from the LGA of any of our historical land area or facilities.”

Randwick Council’s South Ward consists of the suburbs of Malabar, Matraville, Chifley, Phillip Bay, Little Bay and La Perouse.

Climate Change Angels float down to chide Tony Abbott on his non discussion of climate change issues at the Brisbane G20 conference – 16th November 2014

Australia’s Prime Minister has not been totally successful in denying the significance of climate change issues in Brisbane in front of other world leaders.

Climate Change Angels at Brisbane G20 2014

Climate Change Angels draw attention to Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott’s efforts to keep climate issues off the agenda at the Brisbane G20 conference.


Greens candidate for Coogee calls for election commitment by Government on Randwick Council efforts to move community rejected Light Rail interchange out of High Cross Park – 14th November 2014

“Prince of Wales hospital needs a light rail stop outside it and High Cross Park should not be used for the Government’s bus-rail interchange!” urged Lindsay Shurey the Greens candidate for Coogee this week.

She is using her candidacy to step up the political pressure as her fellow Councillors work feverishly to find an alternative site for the community rejected interchange currently intended by the Government for the Park.

Councillor Shurey says the Greens want “…a commitment from the Government prior to the March State election that High Cross Park will be saved and Prince of Wales Hospital will get a stop outside it”.

Randwick Councillor Lindsay Shurey says"Light Rail AND save High Cross Park".

Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey initiated Randwick Council’s current efforts to save High Cross Park from a light rail interchange by finding a feasible alternative site.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson, a member of the Council working group set up to scope out a feasible alternative site, has replied by saying that they are close to putting a workable idea to the Government.

He said,

“The working group has met four times now and work is now close to being finalized. I urge the NSW Government to maintain the positive attitude that prevailed when TfNSW and the Council signed the redrafted development agreement that opened the way forward.”

Councillor Shurey is the initiator of the “Fair Go For Randwick” campaign that has brought the Council and the Government together to try to find an alternative site. Her original motion setting up the working group saw significant changes made to the wording of the redrafted development agreement before it was signed between TfNSW and the Council.

NSW State election 2015 news: Greens launch local Councillor Lindsay Shurey for seat of Coogee.

Greens NSW MLC Dr Mehreen Faruqi was guest speaker at today’s launch of Randwick Councillor Lindsay Shurey’s state election campaign for the seat of Coogee.

Lindsay Mahreen Coogee Campaign launch 2 Nov 2014 IMG_4153. WEB SIZE

Randwick Councillor Lindsay Shurey is contesting the NSW lower house seat of Coogee while her Greens colleaque Dr Mehreen Faruqi is seeking to retain her upper house seat.

Councillor Shurey is the chair of both Randwick Council’s Environment and Multicultural Advisory committees. She represents the North Ward area of the Council which includes a significant part of the state seat of Coogee.

Dr Faruqi is also running as The Greens number two candidate for the state upper house. She is currently the Greens parliamentary spokes person for twelve policy areas including environment, transport, multiculturalism, women; and sexuality and gender Issues.

Lindsay Mahreen Coogee Campaign launch 2 Nov 2058 IMG_4153 WEB SIZEd

Launch of the Greens NSW state election campaign for the seat of Coogee 2nd November 2014 over looking Wedding Cake Island, north end of Coogee Beach.