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Coogee Election News 2015: Greens candidate Lindsay Shurey on local transport issues -15th January 2015

Lindsay Shurey, Greens candidate for Coogee drew on the issues she has worked on as a Randwick City Councillor when replying to Southern Courier questions on local transport.

Lindsay Mahreen Coogee Campaign launch 2 Nov 2014 IMG_4153. WEB SIZE

Greens candidate Lindsay Shurey (left) continues the local Greens support for improved bike baths with Greens MLC Mehreen Faruqi (centre).

“We need to invest heavily in a public transport system with integrated bike lanes.

The Alison Road bike path must be preserved.

Both major parties spend too heavily on car oriented urban road transport.

I’m committed to light rail powered by renewable energy but the loss of mature trees must be reduced. The Greens have pushed the Liberals into providing a scrutiny mechanism over individual tree threats. My Council motion started the search for an alternative site to the High Cross Park interchange.”

Maroubra Election News 2015: Greens candidate James Cruz on local transport issues -15th January 2015

Maroubra election candidate Jame Cruz, drew on his every day experiences when replying to a Southern Courier question on transport issues.”

James Cruz, Greens candidate for Maroubra 2015

James Cruz, Greens candidate for Maroubra 2015

“I catch the bus every day, it’s crucial, but public transport in our area needs to improve.

Outdated timetables, late services and buses which simply never come are unacceptable; this is the primary means of transport for local school kids, the elderly and working people.

We also need a feasibility study into expanding light rail to Maroubra Junction and Eastgardens, moving the beginning of the rail journey further south to reduce the planned trade-off between bus services along Anzac Parade.”