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Fit For The Future: Randwick Councillors move to head off threat of parking meters migrating south from Waverley Council – 29th October 2015

By reluctantly agreeing to a merger with Waverley Council, Randwick Councillors have dealt themselves a key card in that they will not be sacked by the Premier during the amalgamation.

This has now allowed them to move swiftly to head of a possible “Waverley parking meter” expansion into Randwick’s area by priming their soon-to-be formed ‘transition committee’ to reject the devices.

The future transition committee will deal with infrastructure issues should a Randwick and Waverley Council merger go ahead. Other Councils with dismissed Councillors will be left with non-elected administrators making the decisions.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson who moved the motion last Tuesday night said,

“The Liberal Government’s dreadfully conceived forced mergers are deeply unpopular. But at least Randwick will be able to fight off Waverley’s parking meters now that we can set up our transition committee with our own Councillors. Other Council areas that are not merging will not have Councillors to deal with similar such contentious infrastructure issues if the Premier dismisses them.”

IPART Final Report Assessment of Council Fit For The Future Proposals -_20th October 2015

A new merged Randwick and Waverley Council (should the Government proceed) has been deemed “fit” but stand-alone Botany and Woollahra Councils have not been.

IPART Oct 2015 ReportThe IPART site has crashed.

But here is a copy of the report into NSW Council amalgamations that a fellow Greens Councillor was able to send me before it crashed.

Not sure this link will work. final_report_-_assessment_of_council_fit_for_the_future_proposals_-_october_2015

Fit for the Future: “A Botany and Rockdale Council amalgamation is not on!” – Monday 19th 2015

Fairfax media speculation that Rockdale and Botany Council’s may be amalgamated has Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson calling for a united opposition position from local MP’s and Mayors.

Earlier this year Botany refused to consider any fallback-merger with Randwick and Waverley Councils. The media speculation is that the Government is now about to ignore the views of all three Councils.

Randwick Town HallCouncillor Matson has previously warned during the Government’s Fit For The Future process that Rockdale was eyeing off Botany.

He is now concerned that the Government may amalgamate Woollahra with Randwick and Waverley instead of Botany despite no eastern suburbs Council including Woollahra ever supporting this idea.

“The Mayor of Botany has refused to consider a fallback position of merging with Randwick and Waverley. This strategic mistake has now left to the door open for Rockdale to launch a bid for Botany and may see Randwick and Waverley forced to accept Woollahra.”

Councils were made aware their submissions to IPART had to take into account amalgamation recommendations put forward by Professor Sansom’s Local Government Review Panel. Proffesor Sansom suggested that Botany should be amalgamated with the other eastern suburb Councils and the CBD into a super city of Sydney rather than going south to Rockdale.

Councillor Matson elaborated,

“The Premier can’t insist to Councils that they have to put in merger submissions reflecting the Local Government Review Panels suggestions and then himself turn around and do something else. What was the point on insisting on all the Fit For The Future consultation?”

Councillor Matson is calling on local state MP’s and the Mayor of Botany to oppose the move. He says that,

“Forcibly merging Botany with Rockdale will break up the eastern suburbs community and our MP’s for Maroubra and Heffron should be jumping up and down with the local Mayors about this!”

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson 0409-984-587

Support Maroubra’s Own Local Market this Sunday 18th October 2015

The first Green Maroubra Community Market & Garden will help fund the Maroubra Sports Club and may lead to a future community garden on the site.

Volunteers Evelyn, Nicole and Marissa are launching this new not-for-profit community market on the  Club grounds at the corner of Malabar and Mons Avenue, Maroubra this Sunday at 8am to 2pm.

The Green Market flyer 18th October 2015 reduced

Come to the ‘Green Market’ this Sunday 8am-2pm, 18th October, at the Maroubra Sports Club, cnr Malabar and Mons Avenue.

The name of the market is “THE GREEN”. The Maroubra Sports Club itself is a not-for profit co-op that operates as a community center.

The volunteers have the ultimate goal of establishing an interactive community garden on the Club grounds. Marissa says that the “proposal is for not only a community and bush tucker garden, but also an interactive playground, teaching area, and plans to run educational programs that will engage the community and local schools.”

But the Maroubra Sports Club does not have funds to help launch these projects so the three volunteers are asking the local community to come along and support the event. See you there!

DISCLAIMER: There is no relationship between The Green Market and the activities of the Randwick-Botany Greens who host this site.

NSW Council amalgamations: Little support south of Waverley Council likely for “audacious” new Eastern Suburbs Council Mayoral bid by Sally Betts – 14th October 2015

“Waverley Councillor Sally Betts faces an uphill struggle to get enough support to be the new Mayor of any amalgamated eastern suburbs Councils if the current Randwick Councillors stick together” says Greens Councillor Murray Matson.

Randwick Town Hall

Will the new Mayor of any amalgamated Eastern Suburbs Council stay representative of the present Randwick Council area?

Councillor Matson described Councillor Betts recent media promotion of herself for the possible future position as “fanciful considering how small Waverley is to Randwick in population and geographical spread.”

He considers that there are more “representative” choices to be found amongst the sitting Randwick Councillors for a future Mayor. He said,

“Randwick Councillors have experienced former Mayors amongst us thanks to the Greens ‘inclusive sharing arrangement’ of 2004. The Mayor’s chosen since then have all worked as a team to maintain stable and careful administration making Randwick now one of NSW’s top Council’s.”

On paper it is difficult to see where Councillor Betts would get the numbers to win the new position if the Randwick Councillors vote as a block. Not only is Randwick bigger in population and geographically coverage but it currently has 15 sitting Councillors to Waverley’s 12.

Councillor Matson said,

“We Randwick Councillors have done everything that we can to make that we stay in the tent making the decisions on behalf of our residents while any merger goes through. And we have done all the real work on behalf of both Councils. Sally won’t be Mayor as long as we 15 Randwick Councillors all agree that the leadership should be representative of the currently biggest eastern suburbs Council in area and population.”

It is unlikely that the Liberal State Government would be motivated to intervene on Liberal Councillor Bett’s behalf. In May the State Government said that it would not impose mayors on merged Councils. The Minister in the upper house representing the Minister for Local Government stated;

“It is a matter for each council to determine how its Mayor is elected. Councils will receive support and assistance from the NSW Government to prepare detailed transition plans. These plans will address the proposed governance arrangements for the new council, including the election of the Mayor.”


IMF rubs salt into deposed Australian Prime Minister’s Carbon Tax wound – 8th October 2015

The Randwick-Botany Greens8th October 2015

The Editor
The Southern Courier

Dear Editor

First the Pope starts drawing attention to the need for urgent action on climate change and now the International Monetary Fund (IMF) says world governments actually need carbon taxes.

Thank God recently deposed Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott does not have to cope with this latest international insult to his list of parliamentary achievements!

The ABC reports IMF chief Christine Lagarde as saying: “The time is right for governments to introduce taxes on carbon emissions, which would help fight global warming and raise badly needed revenue.”

We all know how Tony would have responded to this latest attack on his world view.

If his past reaction to unwelcome climate news from the Bureau of Meteorology is anything to go by he would have been trying to start a parliamentary inquiry into whether the IMF falsifies data.

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson