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CSELR LIGHT RAIL: Green Upper House MP seeks inquiry into why ill-conceived line change was done. – 26th February 2016

Greens MLC Dr Mehreen Faruqi is trying to get fellow State MP’s support for a parliamentary inquiry into why the CSELR rail alignment was changed along Alison Road resulting in the removal of many Centennial Park trees.

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson is urging the community to lobby state MP’s to help her.

He said,

“I urge tree lovers to got to Dr Mehreen Faruqi web site and help her lobby other MP’s for support for an inquiry. We need to expose why this ill-conceived and unnecessary change was made and on whose behalf.”

Click here to send emails of support to State MP’s:

Fit For the Future: Why Randwick Council must put in a submission to the Boundaries Commission – 26th February 2016

Open Letter to the Randwick Council Precinct Committees on why they should not let Labor Councillors bungle the submission to the Boundaries Commission and allow the removal of Randwick City Councillors from office.

Dear precinct representatives.

After June this year most of the elected Council representatives on around 70 of NSW Councils will be removed from office and their Council’s abolished prior to their areas being merged. This is blatantly undemocratic but it is how the State Government intends to proceed.

The communities that these Councillors represent will lose their ability to direct how the new Council bodies deal with the public assets that their rates have built up for over one hundred years. Concerned residents in these areas wishing input into have to face up to meetings presided over by non-elected administrators appointed by the State Government. The agendas that these officials will pursue will be the direct wishes of the State Government, or if not that then, then decisions of expediency.

But last Tuesday Randwick voted to for a resolution that is intended to maintain your elected representatives in place to continue serving your interests. Please see the resolution below.

Clause 6 of the resolution is designed to emphasise to the State Government that your Councillors wish to be able to continue progress made to date on a package of major planning and infrastructure issues in our local area. These include ameliorating the impact of the light rail project, protecting Malabar Headland and retaining the Kingsford Market and Maroubra Bowling Club sites for community use. But they are only examples of the many smaller but still significant issues that the community would expect their Councillors to be in there batting for them on.

Four Councillors are attempting to remove this resolution and to prevent the Council making a submission by the deadline of the 28th of February, i.e. in only a few days.

These Councillors have no plan B for how to proceed after the deadline falls. No submission will most likely see Randwick’s Councillors dismissed by the middle of the year with the rest.

The follow up motion that these four Councillors intend to move makes no attempt to argue to the Local Government Minister the case for retaining themselves in office to represent you. It is also completely silent on the need to retain community representation on the issues that I have touched on above.

Their rescission motion will also prevent the Council from including in the submission a valid argument for the retention of a fair electoral system for Councillors. At present your local Councillors only need 25% of the vote to be elected – but outside interests would clearly like to see that quota pushed up to 33% or 50%. If that happens only Labor and Liberal Councillors will have a reasonable chance of being elected because of their party machines. Independents and minor parties will be swept aside.

Today I represented the interests to Council staff of an elderly resident in Randwick who is concerned that someone in her street has again destroyed some recently re-planted Council street trees. All of my colleagues would have similar stories to tell. Facilitating such interactions are part of our daily lives as your public representatives – but will be no more if Randwick is blocked from putting in a submission.

I welcome any questions that you or your precinct members may have.

Councillor Murray Matson 0409-984-58



  • Randwick City Council is fit and sustainable for the future and our community and council would prefer to remain as a stand-alone entity;


  • A Randwick Transition Working Group be established consisting of the proposed Local Transition Committee members;


  • Council endorse the attached Transition Leadership Framework including the Randwick Transition Group’s (RTG) delegations as outlined in the responsibilities of the RTG;


  • Council submit the attached ‘Randwick City Council – Council Boundary Review Submission on the Merger Proposal: Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra Councils’ to the Delegate,  Dr. Robert Lang, subject to any minor amendments;


  • Council submit the attached ‘Local Government Act Review – Phase 1 Amendments – Randwick City Council Submission’ to the Office of Local Government, subject to any minor amendments; and


  • That Council formerly advises the Minister for Local Government of its submission and seeks clarification that Randwick Councillors will be maintained in office during the transition process in order to oversee the following significant objectives on behalf of the local community;
  1. Advancing Council’s adopted Light Rail Support Plan and funding package in order to ameliorate the impact of the CBD to South East Light Rail on residents and local businesses;
  2. Finalizing purchasing the Government owned share of the old Kingsford Market site at fair cost;
  3. Initiating purchase by Council of the Maroubra Bowling Club site to keep it as a community asset serving community needs;
  4. Retaining direct community input via elected Councillors into setting planning controls for Kingsford and Kensington against current development pressure;
  5. Retaining direct community input via elected Councillors into the ongoing  upgrade of Heffron Park; and
  6. Retaining direct community input via elected Councillors into how Malabar Headland will be best protected and how the Coastal walkway will be extended around it.


Fit For The Future Mergers: Randwick Councillors wrestle with how to preserve community representation in submission to the Boundaries Commission – 19th February 2016

Next Tuesday night Randwick Councillors will vote on how they will argue that future Councillors should be elected to the new merged Council formed by the State Government in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney.

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson wants to keep the present three-Councillor-per-ward electroal system. He said this week,

“Genuine community representation is at stake.

The majority of Randwick Councillors will be failing to show leadership if they don’t vote to endorse the Transition group’s draft submission that essentially supports the continuation of the three-Councillor-per-ward electoral system presently used by Randwick, Waverley and Woollahra Councils.

This system requires candidates to achieve 25% of the vote, which allows independents and minor partys a democratic chance of election.

Failing to put in a submission could allow other interests to succeed in pushing the electoral high jump up to 33% by the adoption of a two-councillor-per-ward system or to 50% under a one Councillor setup.”

Parliamentary debate to soon start over whether NSW needs a “Real” Container Deposit Scheme – 19th February 2016

NSW politicians are getting excited over the likelihood that NSW will actually have a container deposit scheme by mid 2016 under which waste packaging will be turned in for financial reimbursement.

Compulsory refundable financial deposits as Container Deposit Legislation would help NSW Councils meet their State Government imposed waste reduction targets.

Compulsory refundable financial deposits as Container Deposit Legislation would help NSW Councils meet their State Government imposed waste reduction targets.

Public consultation is open until 26 February 2016.

But, will  local Liberal MP Bruce Notley-Smith (seat of Coogee) and Labor MP’s Ron Hoenig (Heffron) and Michael Daley (Maroubra) listen to Green MLC Dr Mehreen Faruqi urgings that they vote in a “real” container deposit scheme?

Or will our three representatives listen to the industry lobby and vote for a voluntary opt-in scheme in which the beverage companies are not even forced to offer consumers a financial deposit refund?

Dr Faruqi is urging people to make a submission now (deadline expires next week) and says,

“The NSW Government has released a discussion paper that contains two very different CDS proposals. One will deliver a refund CDS, similar to the South Australia model which has proven to reduce litter and increase recycling rates. The other is a beverage industry proposal called ‘Thirst for Good’ that won’t work and simply helps the beverage industry escape their responsibilities.”

Bruce Notley-Smith is also urging residents to make a submission but unlike MLC Faruqi is not flagging whether he will vote for or against NSW industry being forced into offering a non-voluntary refundable financial deposit on containers. At the time of writing it was unclear if Michael Daley or Ron Hoenig have published their positions.

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson says that Randwick Councillors have always supported the introduction of a container deposit scheme. He said,

“I dealt with all three of our local MP’s when we were all local Councillors on Randwick and Botany. The understanding that I always had when the topic of container deposit legislation came up was that we all thought that a compulsory refundable deposit was vitally needed to help Councils meet their State Government imposed waste reduction targets. So it is only fair that Bruce Notley-Smith, Ron Hoenig and Michael Daley should remember those days and come down on the side of local Government and tell Coke that it is our way or the highway.”

The administrator of this site invites the posting of any links relevant to the container deposit legislation position of NSW state MPs Bruce Notley-Smith, Ron Hoenig and Michael Daley.

Big crowd of tree lovers at today’s #savethetrees rally in Alison Road Randwick – 14th February 2016

Many voiced incredulity at the State Government’s decision to change the Alison Road alignment of the CBD to South East Light Rail line resulting in the removal of many old trees.

Greens at Alison and Darley Roads save the trees rally 2016.

Greens 2016 Wentworth candidate with Randwick Councillor Murray Matson and Greens MLC Mehreen Faruqi at today’s tree rally corner Darly and Alison Roads Randwick.

Sydney Morning Herald reveals amazing Liberal debacle unfolding over SSG plan to build a stadium in Moore Park open space – 6th February 2016

Alienation of Centennial and Moore Park open space have flared again as an issue with media revelations that Premier Mike Baird is considering giving into an audacious attempt by the SSG to annex adjacent Moore Park land for a new stadium.

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson says the idea will be the Governments third recent acceptance of an erosion of Centennial and Moore Park open space. He said today,

“By even considering this politically hot potato the State Government is only reinforcing the growing public perception that it is policy challenged on open space issues. Premier Mike Baird needs to move decisively to stop the SSG’s attempted land grab in the Kippax Lake area of Moore Park. This will be Park land debacle number three following the Liberal Government’s home goals on the Alison Road light rail realignment and the Tibby Cotter walkway over Anzac Parade.”