Greens Councillors call for suspension of roll-out of small cell mobile phone facilities across Randwick City Council area – 11th October 2018

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What’s going on? Australia’s Radio Frequency National Site Archive website shows that 18 small cell 5G phone facilities have already been approved in the Randwick City Council area with another 48 considered. A few are Telstra projects with the majority from TPG.

Residents recently alerted Randwick Councillors that the renowned Ramazzini Institute in Italy has announced findings of cancer developing in a large-scale lifetime study of lab animals exposed to environmental levels of cell tower radiation .

ALERT: Monday  15th October, 7pm-8.30pm at 27 Munda St, Randwick – Community meeting with consultants for TPG to discuss their proposed small cell mobile phone facility in Dundas Street, Coogee.

Mill Valley, CA — As small cell 5G technology begins to roll out across the USA, it is being met by a wave of resistance over concerns that it can cause health problems. One city in California has taken an extreme step and blocked the technology from being implemented. Source:

Greens Councillor Murray Matson  wants the Randwick roll out suspended in light of the adverse findings from Italy. He says,

“I find this concerning as there seems to be a growing rejection of this technology in close urban living areas in other parts of the world. California is currently fighting to stop a roll out of 50,000 small cell 5G facilities in its state area.”

“A $25 million study of much higher levels of cell phone radiofrequency (RF) radiation, from the US National Toxicology Program (NTP), has also reported finding the same unusual cancer called Schwannoma of the heart in male rats treated at the highest dose. In addition, the RI study of cell tower radiation also found increases in malignant brain (glial) tumors in female rats and precancerous conditions including Schwann cells hyperplasia in both male and female rats.”

(source: Collective Evolution)

Councillor Murray Matson is urging fellow Councillors to support a roll-out suspension.

“It is my opinion news of these alarming findings now mean that we Councillors should be applying the precautionary principle to this new mobile phone technology.  There are 48 streets across the Randwick City Council area that are going to have small cell phone facilities built within metres of bedrooms. Councillors should be calling on the Federal Government to suspend the roll-out of small cell mobile phone facilities  until both Telstra and TPG can convincingly show that no significant cancer threat actually exists.”

Cr Matson states that the Greens  will be putting the following motion  to the next Randwick City Council meeting set for Tuesday the 16th of October.


“That Randwick Council notes that the proposed rollout of another 48 small cell mobile phone facilities across the LGA on top of the 18 facilities already approved installations comes at a time when international research by the Ramazzine Institute and the US National Toxicology Program reports a link between cell tower radiation and the development of cancer. Accordingly, Council calls on the federal Government to intervene to suspend the rollout pending a review of the relevance of the international findings to the safety of residents of urban Australia.”


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