Jul 23

New South Wales Liberals hit back at Solar Activists by Announcing Coal Promotion Event – 23rd July 2015

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The success of last weekend’s Solar Shindig has prompted NSW Liberal MP’s to organise a “Festival of Coal” as a PR counter move to support the besieged but politically powerful coal industry.

According to newmatilda.com Liberal MP Dr Peter Phelps is the main organiser and thinks that a festival “would be a nice way of trolling the eco-lunatics and their fellow-travellers”.

NSW farmers react to Shenhua Watermark coal mine proposal. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-07-09/new-document/6606910

Anti coal mining NSW farmers might find it offensive to be described by state Liberal MP Liberal MP Dr Peter Phelps as “fellow-travellers of eco-lunatics”.

Here is an image of some of your typical NSW fellow-travellers of eco-lunatics complete with their crazy farm equipment. Note the confronting short hair cuts and insolent hands-in-pockets and hands-behind-backs poses.