Randwick Greens Mayor addresses big turn out of residents at Save Yarra Bay information session on Sunday – 24th September 2018

Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey joined with local members of parliament, other Councillors, Save the Bay Coalition members and three to four hundred local residents to protest the proposed mega cruise ship terminal at Port Botany

Randwick Greens Mayor Ms Lindsay Shurey (glasses, centre) attended the Save the Bay Coalition feedback session on the 23rd of September 2018 and spoke against the proposed mega cruise ship terminal at Port Botany that will ruing Yarra Bay Beach in Botany Bay. 23-9-2018

Residents have been warned that the facility will severely impact on Yarra Bay beach, now the only remaining beach at the northern end of Botany Bay.

Last month Mayor Shurey successfully moved that Randwick City Council will oppose the proposal.

Present to support the Mayor were Randwick Greens Councillors Murray Matson and Philipa Veitch along with Greens candidate for Maroubra James Cruz.

Randwick Green Councillor Murray Matson pushes for more heritage protection for older dwellings in Dudley and Brook Street, Coogee – 8th of September 2018

Randwick City Council to review the heritage value of further older dwellings in Dudley and Brook Street, Coogee.

39 Dudley Street is one of a strip of older Coogee dwellings that Randwick City Council is currently reviewing the heritage values of.

Adjacent Coogee dwellings in Dudley Street and a strip along Brook Street are to be assessed by Randwick Council for their potential worth for listing as heritage items.

Greens Councillor Murray Matson has commended residents who lobbied Greens Councillor Murray Matson to put up the motion. He said,

“The mounting development pressure in Coogee has spurred residents to call for added attention on older dwellings of value before too many are lost to the bulldozers.”

The new Randwick Council heritage review includes 37 to 41 Dudley Street and a strip from 144 to 150 Brook that forms a contiguous link between two current heritage listings at 142 and 152 Brook Street Coogee.

Recent Council debates has seen the emergence of both a “pro-heritage” and an “anti-heritage” blocks amongst Councillors.  And last Tuesday’s vote once again saw Councillor Matson pitted against fellow East Ward Councillor Brendan Roberts (Liberal) and Central Ward independent Councillor Anthony Andrews. Councillor Matson said today:

“Coogee’s heritage battles are exposing clear divisions in view point amongst Randwick Councillors. There is a distinct group that tends to elevate development issues over that of heritage concerns. It includes independent Councillor Anthony Andrews and Liberal Councillors Brendan Roberts and Harry Stavrinos.”

Liberal Councillors Roberts and Stavrinos attempted to move that the proposed review be deferred to a broader review of Randwick’s main planning instrument sometime in the future.

But this amendment was rejected as too much of an unnecessary delay by Green and Labor Councillors and independent Councillor Carlos Da Rocha. Councillor Matson commented afterwards:

“I couldn’t support the deferral amendment. The recent loss of the fine old home at 48 Dudley Street earlier this year showed us all that to delay is to lose heritage dwellings in Coogee.”

After the amendment failed Liberal Councillor Christie Hamilton and independent Councillor D’Souza moved to align with the majority in voting through Councillor Matson’s motion.

Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey delivers on Council election promise to improve cycling safety within Randwick City Council – 9th of September 2018

Randwick City Council endorses concept plans for Kingsford to Centennial Park separated cycleway.

Randwick Councillors Green Councillors under the leadership of Mayor Lindsay Shurey are committed to making cycling safer in the Council;s local government area through more seperated bike paths. SOURCE Randwick City Council web site.

Randwick Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey said the cycle way project will now move to the detailed design phase and Council will seek funding from the Roads and  Maritime Services for construction.

She said.

“When I became Mayor in September last year I committed to improving cycling within Randwick City. I’m very pleased that this project is progressing well and the community has largely supported the plan.

“This project will deliver an enhanced streetscape, increased local amenity and safer cycling infrastructure to get more people on bikes for everyday trips,” Mayor Shurey said.

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Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey says protect Yarra Bay Beach with a NO to a cruise ship terminal at Port Botany – 29th August 2018


Greens candidate for Maroubra James Cruz predicts that there will be a development push in the Laperous area to make up for the current deficiency in infrastructure to service the proposed cruise ship terminal at Port Botany..

The Greens candidate for Marouraba James Cruz say that insufficient infrastructure exists in the Port Botany area to justify a cruise ship terminal and that this deficiency will lead to a development push.

He said:

“It’s obvious that we should oppose it. We should focus on how this going ahead would change the whole area forever – it doesn’t make sense at the moment because why would people want to arrive there? The city is ages away, there’s no infrastructure there to accommodate them and there’s no transport to shuttle them into the inner city. That means this proposal would lead to a full redevelopment of the whole area to make it like circular quay or darling harbour just to make it viable. It’s definitely about more than just the terminal.”

UPDATE Here is a petition organised by the Save The Bay Coalition.

DISCLAIMER: The document below is a Randwick City Council media release

Cruise on by: Randwick Council opposes plans for a cruise ship terminal in Port Botany

Source: Map generated by Randwick City Council showing a visual representation of the NSW Government’s Cruise Development Plan. This image has been produced to assist in discussion and understanding of the Government’s proposal and the potential impacts on the area.

Randwick Council last night opposed state government plans to investigate Yarra Bay and Molineaux Point as possible locations for a third cruise ship terminal in Sydney, Randwick Mayor Lindsay Shurey announced today.

“Our community has made it clear to us that they do not want this terminal built in Port Botany,” said Mayor Shurey. “It’s vital that we protect the beaches, green spaces and open areas at Yarra Bay so that they remain available to our community.

“The introduction of a cruise ship terminal places these assets at serious risk of degradation and would introduce further issues of traffic congestion, environmental destruction and land-use pressures. We need to stand firm to protect this area and its significant local heritage.”

Council is calling for the State Government to release all documents related to the proposal in order to ensure the community is fully informed. Currently, the only information to be released about the suitability of the two sites is two paragraphs in a 28-page document called Cruise Development Plan.

“The State Government needs to be more open with their plans and what they may entail. Currently it’s not clear where the wharves would be built, the infrastructure required or how transport and logistics would connect. This is information that needs to be known and debated in the public sphere.

“We encourage the NSW Government to keep the community informed, to fully engage with them throughout the process and listen to their concerns.”

Council will take steps to place both Yarra Bay and Molineux Point on the state’s heritage list in a bid to halt developments in those areas.

“We will be engaging with the State Government to encourage them to seek alternative locations for a terminal as we firmly believe that neither Yarra Bay nor Molineaux Point are appropriate or fit for purpose.”

Greens candidate Dominic Wy Kanak for Wentworth by-election – 28th August 2018

Councillor Dominic Wy Kanak is the indigenous Greens candidate for the 2018 Wentworth by-election caused by the expected resignation of Malcom Turnbull.

Waverley Greens Councillor Dominic Wy Kanak is running for the Greens in the federal seat of Wentworth

With federal politics imploding and the Liberal party betraying our collective future to personal ambition and narrow political posturing, the Greens are pleased to announce popular local councillor and First Nations advocate Dominic Wy Kanak as our candidate for Wentworth.

Deputy Mayor Wy Kanak, who lives in Bondi, is the most popular local councillor on Waverley Council.

“It’s time for a fresh start for Wentworth. I know residents here care about action on climate change, Aboriginal justice and tackling the excessive power corporate interests have on national policy.


“While coal and fossil fuel companies call the shots in federal parliament, we are in the grip of a terrible drought and unprecedented mid-winter bushfires. The Greens, and residents in Wentworth, know these things are connected.

“Our cities are unaffordable, our public schools are over flowing, public transport is in meltdown and politics needs to address these issues, not personal vanities. Wentworth deserves better.

“People are sick of the circus that calls itself the Federal Parliament. I want to work every day to address the real needs of our community and our country.

“The Greens stand for a fairer Australia, for protecting our future and fixing the rigged political system that only seems to serve the interests of big business and the politicians they pay,” Cr Wy Kanak said.

Greens candidate James Cruz for Maroubra in March 2019: Election campaign officially launched today! – 25th August 2018

Senator Mehreen Faruqi has launched the Greens campaign for the seat of Maroubra with candidate James Cruz. She has welcomed his call for action on electricity prices and affordable housing.

Greens NSW Senator Mehreen Faruqi, Randwick Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey, Greens NSW MLC David Shoebridge and Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson were at the campaign launch of James Cruz the Greens candidate for Maroubra in the March 2019 NSW State election.

Senator Faruqi said, “Power prices are a massive issue for most Australians. All levels of government should be taking action to address the high prices like subsidising solar panels, allowing residents to trade electricity, and investing in solar farms.

“We have seen in Victoria and Queensland that investment in solar means new jobs as well as a drop in the use of coal.

“We know that electricity prices hit renters and those under housing stress the hardest. James Cruz knows better than most about what it’s like when governments only look after the big end of town. I am proud to stand alongside him as he calls for a better life for everyone in this beautiful part of Sydney,” Senator Faruqi said.

Mr Cruz said,

“I am proud of my Maroubra Housing Commission background—I have loved serving this community and my connection to this area.

“I will stand for a party that represents marginalised communities, those who need a voice, and the people suffering at the whims of a government controlled by moneyed interests.

“I will stand up for the issues that matter to people in Maroubra: the need for genuinely affordable housing, fully resourced public schools, and the need for more renewable energy to bring down the price of power,” Mr Cruz said.

Dr Mehreen Faruqi is the Greens Senator for NSW in the federal parliament. Her background is in engineering, both in local government and in academia. She has served five years in the NSW parliament as spokesperson on the environment, animal welfare, transport and the status of women. Her federal portfolios include higher education and housing.

James Cruz was raised and works in the Eastern Suburbs. He is a full-time Librarian, Union delegate, and has studied both at TAFE and university. James is concerned about issues such as overdevelopment, better public transport, affordable housing and improving pay and working conditions.

Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey announces new look make-over for Coogee Bay Road- 21 August 2018

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson welcomes news that unsightly old overhead power lines will be moved underground in a major upgrade of the eastern end of Coogee Bay Road maximising the view down to the sea.


East Ward Greens Councillor Murray Matson states that his role will be to work with the Coogee community to achieve minimum disruption to either residents or the small businesses along the eastern end of of Coogee Bay Road.

He said,

“It will be great to see the old network of overhead power lines replaced with an underground system. But the needs of residents and businesses should always come first. I am glad to see that the construction work will be suspended from December to March to allow our local cafes and shops to operate unimpeded during the peak summer visitor season.”

DISCLAIMER: The document below is a Randwick City Council media release

A major upgrade of the Coogee Bay Road town centre will commence in September 2018, Randwick Mayor Lindsay Shurey announced today.

The $5M project will rejuvenate the Coogee town centre supporting local businesses by making the area more attractive and inviting as well as making Coogee Bay Road a place for people with more space to gather and socialise.

As part of the upgrade, overhead powerlines and poles will be removed and put underground. Key features of the upgrade include:

  • Wider footpaths
  • Supporting local businesses
  • More space for people
  • New street trees and paving
  • Underground power
  • More outdoor dining
  • Better public safety

Randwick Mayor Lindsay Shurey said the works will make the Coogee Town Centre more vibrant and a pleasant place for people.

“A lot of work has gone into getting this design right,” Mayor Shurey said.

“We consulted with residents in 2014 and found strong support for upgrading Coogee Bay Road. Most importantly people wanted to feel safer, they wanted better management of commercial waste bins, more outdoor dining and attractive shopfronts.

“This upgrade will increase the amount of space available for pedestrians with footpaths widened on Coogee Bay Road and Arden St without losing parking or travel lanes.

“Coogee is a nationally renowned tourist destination as well as a local village with its own character. This upgrade will enhance Coogee’s reputation make it even more vibrant and attractive,” Mayor Shurey said. The streetscape upgrade will be conducted in two stages with no work happening over the busy summer period.

  • Stage 1: Sep to Dec 2018
  • Stage 2: Mar to late 2019

There will be disruption to local businesses, shoppers and visitors, however Council and its contractor CA&I (Community Asset and Infrastructure) will work hard to minimise inconvenience.

Access to businesses will be maintained at all times and a dedicated community consultation project officer will be available to work directly with businesses to minimise disruption.

Coogee Bay Road will remain a two-way street with free on-street parking available on both sides of the street. Footpaths will be widened on the northern side of Coogee Bay Road from Arden St to Vicar St from 3.6m to 4.8m and widened on the southern side of Coogee Bay Road from Vicar St to Brook St from 3.6m to 4.8m. The Arden St western footpath between Coogee Bay Rd and Alfreda St will also be widened. Twelve new Callery pear trees will be planted as part of the streetscape improvements.

The upgrade also includes additional safety measures as part of Council’s anti-terrorism obligations including impact-rated bollards and located concrete seats.

More information:

Construction to commence on Coogee Bay Road streetscape upgrade

CBD to South East Light Rail: Greens Councillor Philipa Veitch keeps up pressure on the NSW Government to provide promised noise and light pollution mitigation measures to Kensington and Kingsford residents – 5th August 2018

Randwick City Council will chase up the NSW State Government over a failure to deliver promised noise mitigation to residents suffering CSELR light rail construction noise.

Randwick West Ward Greens Councillor Philipa Veitch is continuing to press the NSW State Government to fully implement a promised package of light rail noise mitigation measures to residents to residents in Kingsford and Kensington.

Greens Councillor Philipa Veitch successfully moved at the Council’s 28th July 2018 meeting that it write to the NSW Government seeking full details on where the promise is up to.

Councillor Veitch states that a respite package of measures was offered to residents in 2017 but that many have not received it or even be aware that it was on offer. She stated:

“Many residents are still unaware of the respite packages being offered, as they are not detailed on CBD and South East Light Rail Notifications of out of hours work. Those who are being notified are often only receiving a knock on the door on the night the work is taking place. This is unacceptable.”

The measures offered were alternative accommodation during night time construction work and the installation of blinds and double glazing for residents on Doncaster Ave who live behind the Light Rail stabling yard. Councillor Veitch noted that Randwick Council had opposed the siting of the stabling yards at Doncaster Avenue in a 2014 submission to the Government.”

“I am also calling on TfNSW to offer noise mitigation to all residents affected by out of hours construction noise, not just those who live along the CSELR rail line. Above all, residents just want the night time construction work to be avoided if at all possible.

“Enough is enough, people can’t be expected to pack their bags and move into a hotel every other night for another two years. It’s high time Andrew Constance came down to meet these people and take their complaints seriously. I will continue to make this issue a priority for as long as it takes to get something done.”


“Notification of Respite Package for Randwick LGA Residents Affected by South East Light Rail Out of Hours Construction Noise

RESOLUTION: (Veitch/Matson) that Randwick City Council:

  1. notes that in 2017, the Hon Andrew Constance, Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, offered Randwick LGA residents affected by out of hours construction work on the South East Light Rail line a number of support measures including:
  • Reimbursement of up to $200.00 for alternative accommodation during night time construction work;
  • An offer by Transport for NSW to arrange accommodation directly, avoiding the need for reimbursement;
  • Additional accommodation in special circumstances, decided on a case by case basis;
  • Installation of blinds and double glazing for residents on Doncaster Ave impacted by the lights and noise of the Light Rail stabling yard;
  1. notes that many residents are still unaware of the respite packages being offered, as they are not detailed on CBD and South East Light Rail Notifications of out of hours work;
  1. writes to Transport for NSW to request that double glazing, ventilation and air conditioning be offered to all residents affected by out of hours construction noise and on an ongoing basis as a consequence of the operations of the light rail stabling yard behind Doncaster Avenue; and
  1. writes to the NSW Government to request that full details of the respite packages are provided on all weekly notifications until the completion of the South East Light Rail, so residents are able to benefit from the package being offered.

Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey celebrates her Council’s winning of three 2018 RH Dougherty Awards for excellence in communications – Friday 3 August 2018

DISCLAIMER: This document is a Randwick City Council media release

Randwick Council scoops the pool in Local Government Awards for communication

Randwick City Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey

Randwick Council was last night recognised by peak body, Local Government NSW, for their excellence in communications at the 2018 RH Dougherty Awards, winning three out of four categories.

The RH Dougherty Awards, judged by communications experts, recognise outstanding communication by councils to their local communities. Award categories were: Reporting to the Community, Excellence in Communication, Innovation in Special Events, and Outstanding Individual Contribution.

Randwick Council won the Reporting to the Community Award for Randwick E-news, the weekly electronic newsletter sent out to more than 42,000 residents. Judges noted that Randwick E-news was “informative, well laid out, innovative and followed the KISS system – simply well done.”

Council’s Rock Fishing Safety Education campaign was joint winner for the Excellence in Communication award. The category recognises examples of Council shifting an attitude or behaviour through a communication strategy. Judges commented that the campaign was “an important message with a very specific audience. A unique take on a serious message.”

The program was a partnership with the NSW Department of Justice, NSW Fisheries, Recreational Fishing Alliance of NSW and Alex Bellissimo Rock & Beach Charters.

The Best Gift Christmas Markets took home the Innovation in Special Events award. Judges said, “The Randwick entry seized an opportunity on behalf of its community to capitalise on Christmas giving and provide opportunities for local residents to acquire or sell some unique Christmas gifts. The community involvement that resulted provided another perspective to Christmas.”

“Great communication is key to building an informed, empowered and unified community and I know our teams work hard to find innovative and effective ways to connect with the people of Randwick and beyond,” said Mayor Lindsay Shurey.

“Winning three of the top awards shows that we’re leading the way in communications strategies, which is a win for both Council and the community.”

The awards are open to all councils in New South Wales and are celebrated each year during Local Government Week.

Independent Randwick Councillor and ex-Mayor Noel D’Souza says that a “modern feminist is either an ignoramus or a liar” – 2nd August 2018

DISCLAIMER: The following comments are the personal comments of Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson

Good grief!

Right wing Independent Randwick Councillor Noel D’Souza has stunned fellow Councillors by launching a full on attack against what he says is wrong with “modern feminists”.

I have just got hold of the original email that independent Councillor and former Randwick Mayor Noel D’Souza sent to the Southern Courier.

It sparked  the published storey of this week in which Councillor D’Souza  is attributed with anti-feminist comments targeting Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey who replaced him as the face of the  eastern Sydney Council.

It actually reads far more misogynistic than  his comments in the published article do. It displays such an intense paranoia towards assertive women that it makes you wonder at the psychological motivations of the writer.

When you read it you have to remind yourself that this was sent out by a former Mayor of Randwick City Council who first held office in 2015 and not 1975. It is Donald Trump style weirdness.

You have to feel for current Randwick Mayor Lindsay Shurey . I knew she would catch something of a backlash being only the second-ever female Mayor of Randwick – and a Green one at that. But this has actually shaken me. I had no idea  that one of my fellow male Councillors was so far out of  touch with modern political attitudes. I voted twice for this guy to be Mayor. What was I thinking?

Amazingly Councillor D’Souza finishes the email by calling for Randwick Council to be “more  accepting and inclusive of all” with apparently no sense of irony or self awarnes. Then he closes this email to a professional female journalist with the  words: “Warm regards”.

Randwick City Greens Councillor Murray Matson