Nov 15

Randwick Greens Councillor Philipa Veitch attempts to protect local school form disruption from Newmark (Inglis) development site – 15th Nov. 2017

West Ward Greens Councillor Philipa Veitch is attempting to aleviate expected noise and traffic impacts on three local schools should the independent Sydney Central Planning Panel approve large scale development on the Newmarket stables site.

Randwick Council will now recommend to the panel that it oblige the applicant to work with Council and the schools to produce a construction program that will minimise impacts on the schools.

The successful motion by Councillor Veitch continues many years of opposition by the local greens to over development on the Newmarket site. But the Council can now only recommend the condition because the Liberal State Government has removed its decision making powers.

Councillor Veitch’s successful motion to last night’s Randwick’s planning committee reads:

“That the SECPP assessment report for DA/370/2017, (lots A & B in DP 330407) 29-39 Young Street, Randwick be received and noted and a submission be made to Sydney Central Planning Panel recommending the implementation of a condition that the applicant be required to set up an ongoing consultative forum with Council and the three adjacent schools to produce a construction plan and daily work schedule that will minimize traffic impediments, noise and other expected disruptions during school hours. The submission will also note Council’s opposition to the application based on its failure to meet Council’s previous support for lower densities on the site.”

The three schools likely to be impacted on are Randwick Girls High, Randwick Boys High and the Rainbow Street Public School.

Nov 15

Marriage Equality postal survey result : Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey in tune with the Eastern Suburbs mood on same sex marriage – 15th Nov. 2017

Its been reported that support for the YES vote in the local seat of Kingsford Smith was 64.1. If so this clearly endorses the position taken by Randwick Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey in her recent Mayoral Minute that supported a YES vote.

Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey led Randwick Council forward in supporting a YES vote.

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson said that he and fellow Greens Councillors Philipa Veitch were delighted by the result.

Cr Matson said the strong local YES result vindicated the leadership position taken by Randwick Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey. He said:

“Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey clearly was in tune with the positive position of the Eastern Suburbs community and reflected it accurately. I am proud of our Mayor in how she lead Randwick Council at this emotionally intense time.

He said that the next step of the campaign was to call on federal MP’s to enact “real” legislation. The Federal MP for Kingsford Smith is Labor’s Matt Thistlethwaite.

“Now it’s time for Federal MP’s to move on and do their job by bringing in marriage equality legislation that genuinely does justice to the expressed will of the community.”

There has been a stronger than national average pro YES vote in the Randwick Council area.

Oct 15

UPDATE: Former Randwick Greens Mayor on why Crepe Myrtles were cut down by Council outside Randwick Community Centre – October 15th 2017

This is an update to the article posted by Greens Councillor Murray Matson in response to community concerns over Randwick Council’s removal of two rows of non-native Crepe Myrtles outside the Randwick Community Centre.

Randwick Council staff have now provided me with this artist’s impression of what the new landscaping will look like when completed.

I would like to suggest that the real issue here is whether a Council having first planted one landscaping concept is allowed to revisit the decision a few years later with a new concept.

When Council first planted the two rows of Crepe Myrtles it was largely just bare earth and concrete. The site consisted of large disused asbestos military storage sheds on land owned by the Defence department before being given to the Council.

Council landscaping and environmental staff went in and put in a landscaping concept consisting of two rows of non-native Crepe Myrtle near the entrance of the new Community Centre. And they did a very good job.

The same hard-working Council staff are now implementing a new landscaping concept. And they will be shown to have done an equally good job. I believe that when the new plantings mature in 5 to ten years we will all be able to reassess the decision to remove the Crepe Myrtles.

Randwiick Greens Councillor Murray Matson

Oct 12

Former Randwick Greens Mayor on why Crepe Myrtles were cut down by Council outside Randwick Community Centre – October 12th 2017

Response by Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson to “Majestic Myrtles Down To Stumps” (Southern Courier, Oct 10 2017 page 5)

There is a species of Crepe Myrtle (Lagerstroemia archeriana) that is native to Australia but the ones removed by Randwick City Council were actually of the Indian eastern Asian species Lagerstroemia indica.

The removal of two rows of non-native Crepe Myrtles outside the Randwick Community Centre has provoked concern from some residents. But Greens Councillor Murray Matson says that there were not thriving.

These Crepe Myrtles were not thriving as can be seen in the photo below from a 2016 Council report. The image shows that they formed two regimented rows in the village green outside the Randwick Community Centre.

They were thus there as an unsuccessful design element rather than as a contribution the natural environment of the adjacent Randwick Environment Park. This design value became redundant when the Council decided to change the entrance way to the Environment Centre.

“However, the Crepe Myrtles are not significant in anyway, and as they are seen to visually and physically block access to the Community Centre, the submitted plans & SEE seek their removal so as to accommodate the new entrance sign as well as hard and soft landscape works.” (DA D21/16 Compliance report – 21-29 Munda Street, Randwick, page 90)

I have been advised by Council staff that the Myrtles will be replaced “with more than 200 trees, shrubs, ground covers and grasses that are more suitable for the area” and which will “provide more habitats and an increased food supply for native birds, lizards, butterflies and insects”. I seem my job as a Greens Councillor to ensure that this ecologically valuable intent is indeed achieved.

Randwick Council’s removal of Crepe Myrtles (see red arrow) fits in with its management care of the adjacent Randwick Environment Park and its ephemeral wetlands.

I have a personal invested interest in the ecology of this area as I played a role in achieving the granting to us of the Randwick Environment Park from the Commonwealth when I was Randwick’s Green Mayor in 2010. I can assure readers that this concern for the Park is shared by the environmental staff of Randwick City Council.

The photo below (see red arrow) shows the removed Myrtles outside the community centre and the adjacent Randwick Environment Park containing its ephemeral wet lands.

It is clear that there is great potential to now use the removal of the Myrtles to augment the natural value of the Environment Park.


Oct 11

Randwick Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey firms up Randwick Council support for a YES vote on marriage equality but Liberals try to rescind – 11th October 2017

11th October 2017

The Editor
Southern Courier

As of last Tuesday night Randwick Council now officially supports a YES vote in the postal survey on marriage equality. This position came as a result of further debate on a previous recommendation by Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey.

This formalizing of the position came after an earlier decision to erect rainbow banners in the Council area.

Randwick Council’s official adoption of support for a YES vote in the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey may be undone by a Liberal rescission motion to be debated on the 24th of October 2017.

But it is concerning to me that two out of five Labor Councillors voted with the Liberal party in an unsuccessful attempt to block the YES position.

This local division shows that Labor’s real level of support for marriage equality is much more tenuous than is generally assumed.

If such a lack of commitment also exists amongst Federal Labor MPs then we may yet see Bill Shorten unable to differentiate his party from Malcom Turnbull’s in a parliamentary vote.

Two Liberal Councillors and one independent Councillor have now lodged a rescission motion to force the Council to re-debate the decision.

I call on all our local Labor Councillors to unite with the three Green Councillors  to defeat the Liberal’s rescission motion against marriage equality in Randwick.

Randwick Greens Councillor Murray Matson

Sep 28

Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey wants Randwick City Council to resolve to support the YES vote at its October 10 meeting – 28th September 2017

New Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey wants Randwick City Council to come out in support of the ‘YES’ vote in the marriage equality survey.

Last Tuesday fellow Councillors voted to defer debate on her proposal to the Council’s 10th of October committee meetings. The Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey concludes on the 27th of October.

Mayor Shurey says that the local Greens want the Council to be seen as a positive supporter of marriage equality. She said today,

“I believe that Randwick Council should be seen to be taking a clear and public position of urging public support for the YES vote.”

Randwick Council will fly the rainbow flag and erect rainbow banners during the remainder of the postal ballot on marriage equality.

The Council has already agreed to her proposals to erect rainbow banners at five sites in the Council area including at the Town Hall.

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown and Greens NSW Sexuality and Gender Identity spokesperson said:

“It is so wonderful to see local councils stepping up to stand with the community in support of marriage equality. We shouldn’t be having this postal survey, but now that we find ourselves here we all must do all that we can to deliver a massive YES vote.”

“The offensive messages flying around by opponents of marriage equality mean that having councils like Randwick flying the rainbow flag and showing support for the LGBTIQ+ community in Sydney is so important. It sends a powerful message to people young and old who may be hurting that we stand with them.”


On the 10th October 2017 Randwick Councillors will debate the following unresolved proposals first put to them on the 26th of September by Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey.

Option 3 – Adopt a budget proposal as circulated by the Manager of Communications;

Option 4 – The immediate issuing of a public statement via print advertisements, the Mayoral Column, email systems, Council social media platforms, email systems, and web sites indicating that Randwick City Council supports a “yes” vote;

Option 5   Run “Mail Your Vote” stalls at key hubs in the community; and

Option 6   Use Council officers or consultants to form an Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey response team to help Randwick residents:

  1. Deal with emotional anxiety or harassment associated with the survey;

  2. Obtain replacement ballot papers for legitimately stolen or lost ballot paper; and

  3. Obtain background context on LGBTQIA issues;





Sep 27

Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey has been elected as Randwick City Council’s only second ever female Mayor on Tuesday 26th September 2017

Randwick City Council Greens Mayor Councillor Lindsay Shurey.

Sep 25

Agreement reached on how the Randwick City Council mayoralty will be rotated between 2017 and 2020 – 25th September 2017

Randwick City Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey

Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey

Randwick City Council is expected to choose only its second ever female Mayor tomorrow night following local government elections that have boosted female representation in the 158 year old NSW Council from 2 to 5 Councillors.

Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey will be taking the reins for the next 12 months after Labor and Green Councillors concluded several weeks of intense negotiations on Sunday.

Councillor Shurey said today.

“I say to all our residents and ratepayers  who want progress towards gender equity in government representation that I will work to validate that call,  by upholding the responsibility that goes with being chosen as Randwick’s second only female mayor.”

Download (PDF, 701KB)

Sep 19

Marriage Equality: vote “yes” say Randwick’s Green Councillors – 19th Sept. 2017

Postal ballot papers have started arriving in local mailboxes in the local Council area.

Randwick Green Councillors Lindsay Shurey, Phillipa Veitch and Murray Matson are urging a “yes” vote in favour of marriage equality in Australia.

Ballot papers for marriage equality are now appearing in mail boxes in the Randwick Council area.

Sep 15

Boomerang Alliance calls for support in its campaign to ban the plastic bag in NSW – 15th September 2017

The Boomerang Alliance has contacted people (see below) to support NSW repeating Western Australia’s recent ban on plastic bags.

Randwick City Council has the following motion going to the next Local Government NSW conference this year.

“Motion: In light of the limited impact on packaging waste achieved by the Australian Packaging Covenant, that councils call on the state government to review Part 8 (Recycling of Consumer Packaging) of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014. The review should aim to achieve real impact on packaging waste generation, single use packaging and packaging recyclability across the state.”


    Email received by Greens Councillor Murray Matson from Boomerang Alliance

We have some exciting news Murray!

Yesterday Premier Mark McGowan announced that Western Australia will ban plastic bags from July 2018. A time frame has also been given for Western Australia’s Container Deposit Scheme on bottle and cans. It is expected to start on 1 January 2019.

Queensland is also making excellent progress on these issues. The QLD Parliament has unanimously passed the container deposit and plastic bag ban law. Bags including biodegradables will be banned in mid-2018 and the Container Deposit Scheme will start at the same time.

Community pressure works and together we are unstoppable! These measures are HUGE steps away from plastic pollution and toward cleaner oceans. They will reduce litter, increase recycling and protect marine life.

Please contact your local MP to increase the pressure to ban plastic bags in NSW and Victoria today!

NSW and Victoria are the only two remaining states without a ban on single use lightweight plastic bags despite a strong support from the community and businesses and countless benefits for the environment.

WA Premier McGowan has publicly encouraged New South Wales and Victoria to follow Western Australia’s lead and called on the NSW Premier to “get up with the times”.

Now it’s time to win this campaign once for all. Add your name to help build on this success.

We are almost there!

Jeff Angel and the Boomerang team

Boomerang Alliance