Sep 28

Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey wants Randwick City Council to resolve to support the YES vote at its October 10 meeting – 28th September 2017

New Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey wants Randwick City Council to come out in support of the ‘YES’ vote in the marriage equality survey.

Last Tuesday fellow Councillors voted to defer debate on her proposal to the Council’s 10th of October committee meetings. The Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey concludes on the 27th of October.

Mayor Shurey says that the local Greens want the Council to be seen as a positive supporter of marriage equality. She said today,

“I believe that Randwick Council should be seen to be taking a clear and public position of urging public support for the YES vote.”

Randwick Council will fly the rainbow flag and erect rainbow banners during the remainder of the postal ballot on marriage equality.

The Council has already agreed to her proposals to erect rainbow banners at five sites in the Council area including at the Town Hall.

Jenny Leong MP, Member for Newtown and Greens NSW Sexuality and Gender Identity spokesperson said:

“It is so wonderful to see local councils stepping up to stand with the community in support of marriage equality. We shouldn’t be having this postal survey, but now that we find ourselves here we all must do all that we can to deliver a massive YES vote.”

“The offensive messages flying around by opponents of marriage equality mean that having councils like Randwick flying the rainbow flag and showing support for the LGBTIQ+ community in Sydney is so important. It sends a powerful message to people young and old who may be hurting that we stand with them.”


On the 10th October 2017 Randwick Councillors will debate the following unresolved proposals first put to them on the 26th of September by Greens Mayor Lindsay Shurey.

Option 3 – Adopt a budget proposal as circulated by the Manager of Communications;

Option 4 – The immediate issuing of a public statement via print advertisements, the Mayoral Column, email systems, Council social media platforms, email systems, and web sites indicating that Randwick City Council supports a “yes” vote;

Option 5   Run “Mail Your Vote” stalls at key hubs in the community; and

Option 6   Use Council officers or consultants to form an Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey response team to help Randwick residents:

  1. Deal with emotional anxiety or harassment associated with the survey;

  2. Obtain replacement ballot papers for legitimately stolen or lost ballot paper; and

  3. Obtain background context on LGBTQIA issues;





Sep 27

Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey has been elected as Randwick City Council’s only second ever female Mayor on Tuesday 26th September 2017

Randwick City Council Greens Mayor Councillor Lindsay Shurey.

Sep 25

Agreement reached on how the Randwick City Council mayoralty will be rotated between 2017 and 2020 – 25th September 2017

Randwick City Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey

Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey

Randwick City Council is expected to choose only its second ever female Mayor tomorrow night following local government elections that have boosted female representation in the 158 year old NSW Council from 2 to 5 Councillors.

Greens Councillor Lindsay Shurey will be taking the reins for the next 12 months after Labor and Green Councillors concluded several weeks of intense negotiations on Sunday.

Councillor Shurey said today.

“I say to all our residents and ratepayers  who want progress towards gender equity in government representation that I will work to validate that call,  by upholding the responsibility that goes with being chosen as Randwick’s second only female mayor.”

Download (PDF, 701KB)

Sep 19

Marriage Equality: vote “yes” say Randwick’s Green Councillors – 19th Sept. 2017

Postal ballot papers have started arriving in local mailboxes in the local Council area.

Randwick Green Councillors Lindsay Shurey, Phillipa Veitch and Murray Matson are urging a “yes” vote in favour of marriage equality in Australia.

Ballot papers for marriage equality are now appearing in mail boxes in the Randwick Council area.

Sep 15

Boomerang Alliance calls for support in its campaign to ban the plastic bag in NSW – 15th September 2017

The Boomerang Alliance has contacted people (see below) to support NSW repeating Western Australia’s recent ban on plastic bags.

Randwick City Council has the following motion going to the next Local Government NSW conference this year.

“Motion: In light of the limited impact on packaging waste achieved by the Australian Packaging Covenant, that councils call on the state government to review Part 8 (Recycling of Consumer Packaging) of the Protection of the Environment Operations (Waste) Regulation 2014. The review should aim to achieve real impact on packaging waste generation, single use packaging and packaging recyclability across the state.”


    Email received by Greens Councillor Murray Matson from Boomerang Alliance

We have some exciting news Murray!

Yesterday Premier Mark McGowan announced that Western Australia will ban plastic bags from July 2018. A time frame has also been given for Western Australia’s Container Deposit Scheme on bottle and cans. It is expected to start on 1 January 2019.

Queensland is also making excellent progress on these issues. The QLD Parliament has unanimously passed the container deposit and plastic bag ban law. Bags including biodegradables will be banned in mid-2018 and the Container Deposit Scheme will start at the same time.

Community pressure works and together we are unstoppable! These measures are HUGE steps away from plastic pollution and toward cleaner oceans. They will reduce litter, increase recycling and protect marine life.

Please contact your local MP to increase the pressure to ban plastic bags in NSW and Victoria today!

NSW and Victoria are the only two remaining states without a ban on single use lightweight plastic bags despite a strong support from the community and businesses and countless benefits for the environment.

WA Premier McGowan has publicly encouraged New South Wales and Victoria to follow Western Australia’s lead and called on the NSW Premier to “get up with the times”.

Now it’s time to win this campaign once for all. Add your name to help build on this success.

We are almost there!

Jeff Angel and the Boomerang team

Boomerang Alliance

Sep 10

Randwick-Botany Greens candidates on track to win three seats in Randwick Council elections – 10th September 2017

In Central Ward Greens candidate James Cruz has performed well on 14.65% (quota 0.59) and has clearly done the Greens proud by increasing on the 2012 result of 11.67% (quota 0.47) despite pressure from a resurgent Labor campaign. But he has been outspent by the well-resourced independent candidate’s campaign that was able to afford direct mail outs.

Greens candidate Philipa Veitch is on 19.4% of the vote in West Ward which is equal to 0.77 of a quota for a seat. At this stage she seems better placed than any other candidate to pick up the third seat but there are still three booths to count.

Sitting Greens Councillor seems well on track to hold her seat in North Ward with 20.87% (quota 0.83)

Murray Matson looks good in East Ward with 21.07% (quota 0.91)

Final declaration of the results may take days.

Sep 06

Put in a submission to name the Alison Road CSELR light rail stop “Centennial Park” and not “Randwick Race Course” – 6th September 2017

Urgent: Don’t name the Alison Road light rail stop after the Randwick Race Course.

Here is the full proposal for the 19 light rail stops of the CSELR in which it is suggested that the Alison Road stop should be: “Royal Randwick Light Rail Stop, located on Alison Road near the intersection with Darley Road”.

Put in a submission to call it  the “Centennial Park” stop instead.

Remember the loss of the Centennial Park trees as a result of the Government’s decision to switch the rail line to the north side of Alison Road against the opposition of Randwick Council and Green Councillors Lindsay Shurey and Murray Matson.

You have only days left to put in a submission. Don’t let the State Government get away with burying the memory of the removed Centennial Park trees. Advertise and support Centennial Park by promoting it via naming the light rail stop after the park it is now sited next to. A commercial enterprise such as the race course should not be promoted over Sydney’s best piece of open space. Tourists should be encouraged to spend money in the public’s park and not with race course bookies.


CSELR Light Rail: What’s in a name for a stop? A Lot! Centennial Park trees before punters! – 18th July 2017


“Centennial Park” is the community’s preferred name for contentious Alison Road light rail stop say Randwick Green Councillors Lindsay Shurey and Murray Matson – 24th April 2017

Aug 24

Randwick Council 2017 election candidates: preferences and how to vote for the Greens in East Ward, Central Ward, North Ward and West Ward

Lindsay Shurey in North Ward – James Cruz in Central Ward – Philipa Veitch in West Ward – Murray Matson in East Ward

Download (PDF, 1.31MB)

Aug 18

Randwick Council elections 2017: Green candidates see exciting opportunities to shape Randwick Council’s alternative energy future and to reduce residents power bills – 18th August 2017

Green Council candidates want Randwick Council to encourage the households in its area to move towards significantly increasing local renewable use after the September 9th Local Government elections.

Councillor Matson says that the Greens will encourage the Council to use its networking reach and tendering processes to achieve both “power bill relief for its residents and the lowering of carbon emissions across its share of the eastern suburbs area.”

He said today:

“There are exciting opportunities ahead for the new Council administration after the September 9 elections. For example, we could encourage our local residents group themselves into Solar Buyers Clubs to make bulk purchases of domestic rooftop solar equipment through the Council. The Council could seek to partner with energy companies that already have established business plans for providing solar equipment.”

Councillor Matson says that the most exciting long-term opportunity ahead for Councils and the local community could be the creation of linked domestic roof top arrays capable of selling surplus power back into the grid.

He said:

“Local Councils should be lobbying the Federal Government to change the rules on how the National Electricity Market works to allow homeowners to form ‘micro grids’ (i.e. “Virtual Power Plants”) by linking their individual roof top arrays together. Such a change would be in line with the recent Finkel report  recommendations. Micro grids formed with the Randwick City Council area could sell surplus solar power back into the grid like the trial now underway in the northern suburbs of Adelaide.”

Aug 11

Marriage equality national postal survey: Getup calls for donations for high court challenge – 11th August 2017