June 2015 archive

Randwick Council resolves to support retention of College Street Cycleway – 24th June 2015

UPDATE 26th June 2015: Large numbers turn out in the Sydney CBD for this morning’s bike rider protest over the imminent closure of the College Street Cycleway. Visit the ABC site for photos and coverage of this morning’s event.   24th June 2015: Last night Randwick Council agreed to Greens Councillor Murray Matson’s urgent request …

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Renewable Energy Target shock: Labor and the Coalition have ganged up to both reduce Australia’s RET and to burn native forests as a way of achieving it – 24th June 2015

Labor and the Tony Abbott agree to burn native forrests and reduce Australia's Renewable Energy Target.

Last night Australia’s federal parliament agreed to a Tony Abbott and Bill Shorten deal that will see job potential forgone in the renewable sector and native forests burnt as a climate change measure – seriously! “They voted for legislation that not only tears apart our Renewable Energy Target, puts our ‪#‎climate‬ at risk but that …

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Pope Francis calls it as the Climate Change scientists see it while Abbott plays to senate cross bench paranoias about wind farms – 19th June 2015

Pope Francis speaks on climate change

Can Australian political leaders ignore the Pope’s moral direction to look seriously at climate change? “Climate Change…represents one of the principal challenges facing humanity in our day” – Pope Francis, 18th June 2015. The Pope’s global intervention comes on the same day Prime Minister Tony Abbott sets up a wind farm commissioner to undermine alternative …

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Renewable energy and Don Quixote : Another day, another Prime Ministerial attack on wind farms – 12th June 2015

This time PM Tony Abbott has directly linked wind farms as a justification for the recent Labor and Liberal party agreement to cut Australia’s Renewable Energy Target (RET) “Frankly it’s right and proper we’ve reduced the Renewable Energy Target because as things stood there was going to be an explosion of these things right around …

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Renewable Energy Target: Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott declares war on his countries wind farms – 11th June 2015

According to Greens Senator Larrisa Waters, our PM Tony Abbott made a comment this morning revealing the fervor with which he wants to wage war on domestic alternative energy production from wind farms. Senator Waters reported the latest gaffe as follows, “It’s not exactly surprising, but the Prime Minister came right out and said it …

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IPART will carry out of NSW Government’s forced Council amalgamation agenda at a cracking rate – 9th June 2015

Local Councils around NSW are recoiling at the speed with which the State Government’s clear forced Council amalgamation agenda is being pushed through IPART. IPART was appointed by the Government as an expert panel to assess submissions from the Councils in which they are obliged to prove that they are “Fit For The Future“. The …

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