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    • Richard Payten on May 31, 2014 at 9:01 am
    • Reply

    Hi, I was wondering if you were aware of the 4G transmitters being installed by Optus on the roof of the apartment block, corner of Clovelly Road and Arden Street, Clovelly. They are being installed by the company Vision Stream. Do you know if there was any community consultation for something that has, as yet, ‘unknown’ health implications? It seems outrageous that Randwick Council require approval to change the colour of your house when renovating (just happened to us) but, allow a landlord to place these massive transmitters on a property. I would imagine Optus would pay a significant sum for the use of the rooftop. Any insights as to how this might be elevated with Council would be appreciated.
    Regards, Richard Payten, Knox Street, Clovelly

    1. You may not be aware of this but the carrier does not actually have to get Council approval if the installation is “low impact”. Here is a relevant link showing the Greens position. I will find out what this particular installation was classified as.

      UPDATE: Here is the reply I got back from Council officers.

      “In January 2014 Council was advised of the installation of this facility. The installation of this facility falls under the Commonwealth telecommunication regulations and ACMA and is classified as low impact facility and does not require Council’s consent. Optus published a notification about the proposed facility in accordance with ACMA requirements in the local paper on 28 January 2014. As you have correctly noted Council has no regulatory role in this matter.”

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